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4-room temporary rental apartment in Munich

Temporary living in Munich in a 4-room apartment

Whoever puts in a friendly away game in the beautiful Bavarian capital, Munich – no matter what time of the year – should count on fan crowds from home: Thus renting a relaxed, uncramped apartment for a limited period seems advisable. Below you will find offers for lavish 4-room apartments for temporary rent in Munich.

With a few mouse-clicks from here you will find the ideal 4-room apartment in the Heart of Bavaria. Type into detailed search your specifications as to standard and equipment/appliances, which part of Munich you would like to stay in, plus the desired period, and you will find the apartments meeting your criteria.

4-room transitory apartments in Munich

Are you and your family searching for a roomy apartment in Munich? Go to rental apartment in Munich? Or are you in Munich on business and searching for short-term rent? Go to short-term rent. A transitory apartment from is ideal. All our rental objects are furnished and fully equipped, which means for you: arrive, stay, and feel well.

Are you in search of short-term tenants for a fully equipped 4-room apartment? At you can advertise it in a very few steps. Go to create YOUR AD.