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Content: puts together what belongs together

The portal for seekers of rental objects and lessors of property for short-term let temporary accommodation… brings together what belongs together: Seekers of accommodation for short-term let, and people prepared to rent out property for a short period. offers accommodation for rent up to six months.

In our fast-moving times it is by no means rare a person has to find accommodation in another city at short notice. Mobility in the workplace, change in one's private life – there are reasons galore why people have to (or get the opportunity to) live in another town or country. An apartment on the basis of short-term let is the ideal solution. The portal facilitates communication between potential tenants and lessors willing to rent out for short periods. Instead of a classical rental contract with long-term agreements and legal deadlines, offers a flexible tenancy agreement. Thus it is made easy to limit tenancy to six months. – an overview: