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Information for Applicants

Useful information for short-term tenants with

How can I rent an apartment from How does the tenancy agreement work? What advantages do I have as a tenant with Here are the answers to these (and more) questions.

You need accommodation for a few weeks or months in your city, or some other? – Bingo! is your perfect partner, your short-term accommodation is only a few mouse-clicks away. For brings together what belongs together: People looking for a place to stay for awhile, and lessors willing to rent out their property for a limited period ranging from a few weeks to six months. On our pages you will find fully equipped apartments/property that you can rent for one day, a week, a month or even half a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

A comfortable home for a period of your own choice

Wellbeing made easy: Forget anonymous hotel rooms. With you create your own temporary home turf – exactly the size you desire. Enjoy the feeling of being "at home" even if your country be thousands of miles away!

Just rent an apartment for a few weeks or months

No matter if you have to move to a new city for professional reasons or you're looking for a new home for private motives...We from think, the situation is complicated enough, you want the accommodation thing out of the way. We'll help you to avoid classic tenancy agreements, threatening deadlines and life-time contracts. We'll set you up with a short-term agreement of up to six months. Your tenancy agreement contains your rights and duties as a short-term customer.

Your advantages as a lodger with a short glance:

Rent 2-, 3-, 4-room apartments with – it's easy!

It has never been easier to rent an apartment! Six steps for you to get a temporary home...

  1. Apartment wanted: Type in the city and the period desired for your rental. Our detailed and radius-indexed search will find you your perfect place at the perfect price in the perfect distance from your centre of interest!
  2. Choose one of the objects and get detailed information about your apartment. Any further questions can be discussed with the proprietor/lessor.
  3. Upon reaching a decision, just click the button "Rent object“.
  4. Follows registration process, identification, contact data.
  5. The lessor is informed about your application and sends you the tenancy agreement by e-mail.
  6. You check and confirm the tenancy agreement online – and that's it, you are one of our happy customers!

What are you waiting for? Look for your apartment now and look forward to staying in a great apartment for a short time!

Frequently Asked Questions

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