Corporate housing: quick, simple and cost-efficient

Short-term rentals for business clients

Furnished corporate business apartments and corporate housing

You’re looking for short-term flats or corporate housing for your employees? We are happy to support you in your search! KURZZEiTmiete is your intermediary between businesses and lessors. From relocation agencies to Human Resources Managers and executives at construction companies: All of them benefit from the bespoke offers our web portal offers. As an expert for work-related changes of residence in Austria and Germany, we have ample expertise and are happy to assist you finding the perfect short-stay accommodation for your needs.

10 reasons why companies should team up with KURZZEiTmiete

Find quick, flexible, legal and cost-efficient short-term accommodation for employees – with the help of KURZZEiTmiete. Whether you’re looking for shared rooms or standard flats, elegant business apartments or luxury mansions – together we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Why should you team up with KURZZEiTmiete? There are at least ten good reasons:

  1. a simple, quick and flexible way to rent fully furnished flats
  2. personal contact throughout the entire rental process
  3. On request, KURZZEiTmiete takes over the entire apartment search for you.
  4. individual offers, tailored to your needs
  5. easy administration in one central company account
  6. accounting done by KURZZEiTmiete: one invoice including a payment schedule for all monthly payments (lessor only receives the first payment once the tenant has moved in)
  7. Rent short-term apartments in Austria from any location, at any time.
  8. a cost-efficient alternative to hotel stays
  9. legally secure and uncomplicated: visa-compliant rental contract provided by KURZZEiTmiete in German and English
  10. special short-term rentals for construction company staff

10 or 100 employees, for only one month or longer: Trust us with supporting you finding the perfect rental object for your needs!

Renting a business apartment is easy

If you’re looking for a furnished short-term apartment, KURZZEiTmiete is the perfect partner for you. We are happy to take over all aspects of the rental process with you, from individual offers to visa-compliant modal rental contracts. We also do the accounting for you, providing you with a convenient invoice outlining the payment schedule for the respective month.

Online administration of your rented objects is easy thanks to our special company accounts. They display all rental information at a glance and offer the possibility to enter several invoice addresses and residents. This allows for easy multi-person access and administration without any hassle.

If you have any questions, you can either contact your lessor directly or forward your query to the KURZZEiTmiete team. What’s more, you don’t have to make a reservation for your selected accommodation in advance.

KURZZEiTmiete as a convenient option for construction projects

Construction companies are regularly looking for furnished flats available for short-term rent – and they find them with KURZZEiTmiete. You’re looking for a double room or a triple room with a separate shower? We offer a wide selection of functional yet comfortable rooms for construction workers. In addition, we have remarkably competitive prices. You’re organising a large-scale construction project with a great number of workers? We’re happy to assist you with finding the perfect accommodation. Find out more about our service for construction companies!

Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest. It’s quick and easy – simply get in touch and send us a non-binding request!