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Information for tenants

Short-term rent – how it works

Whether you’re looking for a place in Vienna or Salzburg, for yourself or on behalf of somebody else: If you’re in need of a short-term rental, the KURZZEiTmiete web portal is just perfect for you. You wonder how short-term rent works or what to keep in mind when signing a rental contract? You would like to find out about the benefits of renting a fully furnished flat with KURZZEiTmiete? We have all the answers for you...

Temporary living as a flexible option

Short-term rentals are getting more and more popular. And that’s no surprise considering that general mobility is increasing, resulting in the need for flexible accommodation options. Temporary living options are in high demand – and KURZZEiTmiete offers a wide range of fully furnished objects.

You are looking for a short-term rental for yourself? Interim managers, students or artists: People from many different backgrounds are looking for short-term rentals. Whether it’s for a current project or for training purposes, as a temporary solution until your flat share is ready or for an artistic engagement abroad. Or maybe you temporarily have to move out of your flat because of an insurance case? Whatever the reason, KURZZEiTmiete helps you find the perfect short-term rental!

You are looking for a short-term rental on behalf of somebody else? KURZZEiTmiete is a great choice for companies who would like to relocate their employees to another city for individual projects or who are considering establishing a new office in a different city. Our services are also popular with relocation managers or agencies looking for objects on behalf of their clients and with personnel offices. Sounds interesting? Get in touch!

10 reasons to choose KURZZEiTmiete

A furnished short-term rental is the answer to all of your questions? KURZZEiTmiete is your perfect partner. We offer you a quick, direct, transparent and legally secure way of finding the perfect short-term rental.

Why should you rent a flat with KURZZEiTmiete? There are at least ten good reasons:

  1. It’s an easy, flexible and legal way of renting a fully furnished flat.
  2. It’s not just an internet platform. Instead, your personal contact will take care of your needs.
  3. Make your choice, move in and feel at home – that’s often possible in less than 24 hours.
  4. Free service and cost transparency throughout the entire rental process
  5. Payment and deposit management for more payment security on both sides
  6. Download convenient brochures with detailed information about the flat, ranging from special features to the nearest bus stop.
  7. Rent one flat or several flats in any location, at any time.
  8. Area search to find a flat near your workplace
  9. A cost-efficient alternative to expensive, long-term hotel accommodation
  10. Legal security and uncomplicated rental procedures thanks to our visa-compliant model contract and accounting

If you have more questions, it’s likely that other tenants have had the same. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at our FAQ for tenants. Alternatively, contact us directly – the KURZZEiTmiete team is happy to hear from you!

KURZZEiTmiete: the direct, quick and flexible way

You’re looking for temporary accommodation at a very short notice because of your work situation or for private reasons? Then KURZZEiTmiete is your perfect partner! Sending a booking request for a flat one day and moving in the next? What sounds almost too good to be true has been done many times before with the help of our web portal! After your request, the lessor has 24 hours to respond to your query. So it’s not impossible to move into a fully furnished flat less than a day within finding it online!

Short-term renting: quick, direct and flexible! You’re not interested in signing a long-term rental contract over three years or longer? KURZZEiTmiete offers you fully furnished flats to rent for several months. Another benefit: Apart from the actual rental agreement, you are not bound by any commitments or notice periods.

Companies looking for temporary accommodation

Good news for companies regularly looking for short-term rentals: Our portal offers a special service for business clients. Human Resources Managers looking for fully furnished short-term rentals for their employees can leave all the work to KURZZEiTmiete, benefiting from individual offers, detailed information brochures – and more time for other aspects of their work.

What makes short-term renting with KURZZEiTmiete even easier? You benefit from all important information at a glance as well as from a company account that allows for multiple invoice addresses and tenants. An important aspect for employees from abroad: All KURZZEiTmiete rental contracts are visa-compliant.

Either we already have an appropriate short-term flat for your employees in our portfolio, which can be requested directly via the platform, or we look forward to receiving your non-binding enquiry!

KURZZEiTmiete without hidden costs

With KURZZEiTmiete, tenants always know what’s happening – and benefit from a wide range of services. In addition to the actual apartment search, you have the possibility to create a wishlist in order to rent the right apartment from your favourite short-term apartments at a later date. What’s more, you can also get in touch with the respective lessor before signing your rental contract. Talking about lessors: If your lessor uses the pre-completed model contract provided by KURZZEiTmiete, you receive a copy in German as well as English.

Cost transparency is important to us! That’s why KURZZEiTmiete always displays the complete costs, i.e. the actual price you will have to pay, including everything you need for a carefree stay in your temporary furnished home.

Good to know: KURZZEiTmiete offers payment and deposit management. For you as a tenant, this results in a number of benefits. For instance, your lessor only receives the first payment once you have actually moved in. What’s more, in case of damages, he only receives the gross rent you have left as a deposit in return for proof of payment. This ensures more security for both parties.

Temporary living that feels like home

Moving in and feeling right at home – with the fully furnished flats of KURZZEiTmiete, that’s easy! Whether you’re looking for a one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment, a loft, house or holiday apartment: Even if it’s a thousand miles away, we’ll make your short-term rental feel like home. We offer everything from classic to sophisticated flats, from cosy to traditional, from modern to extravagant.

What all of our objects in Austria have in common is that, unlike a hotel room, they truly feel like home. With KURZZEiTmiete, you not only rent a flat, you rent a feeling of belonging, a true home away from home.

Don’t hesitate and start looking for your short-term rental with KURZZEiTmiete right away!