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Questions frequently asked by our tenants

KURZZEiTmiete is your expert for work-related moves, offering rental objects based on monthly contracts. This means that the minimum rental period for a flat is one month or 29 nights respectively.

Important: Our platform is not intended for tourist rentals.

You can rent an object for anywhere between one month and six months. whereby the start and end of the rental period can be determined individually for each day. If you wish to stay longer, please contact the lessor.

The KURZZEiTmiete search only displays objects that are available in your selected rental period. Due to the minimum rental period of one month, rental periods shorter than 29 nights cannot be selected.

Yes – that’s why total costs may seem quite high at first. KURZZEiTmiete cares about transparency and displays all prices as total prices including fees and taxes for the entire rental period. There are no hidden costs throughout the entire booking process.

If you contact a lessor, you should receive an answer within 24 hours of your enquiry. If the lessor confirms your rental request, you receive a confirmation notification as well as a request for an online down payment. Your booking is only binding once you have confirmed this final booking request.

Good to know: In special cases, response times of lessors can be extended. In general, both parties are encouraged to keep response times short. You will be notified of any delayed response times on the part of your lessor.

During the first step, the online booking enquiry, your reservation is not binding for either of the two parties. Upon receiving your enquiry, the lessor will usually confirm your booking request within a period of 24 hours. We kindly ask you to confirm your booking after receiving this notification and to settle any required online down payments and deposits. Following this step, the booking is completed and basically binding for both parties.

KURZZEiTmiete draws up the modal rental contract and provides it ready for use - including data on residents, tenants, etc. - once the rental has been finalised. The modal rental contract is signed simply and directly by means of a legally compliant advanced digital signature immediately after the binding confirmation of the rental. 

To ensure planning reliability for both parties, our rental contracts are legally binding. What’s more, especially when it comes to visas, binding rental contracts are obligatory. However, if unforeseen reasons make it necessary to cancel a booking, please contact the landlord directly to find an accommodating solution. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

The monthly rent will be transferred to KURZZEiTmiete. Credit card (Master or Visa), Google Pay or Apple Pay are available as online payment options for the down payment and/or deposit. If you also wish to make the monthly rental payments by online payment, this is possible in consultation with KURZZEitmiete for a fee of 1% of the transfer amount.

You will find the IBAN and BIC in the footer of the documents sent (total invoice, payment plan), which are also available for download in your tenant account. Furthermore, all bank details are listed in the contact section of the website.

The rental payments are to be made in accordance with the payment plan. This can be viewed after sending a non-binding enquiry - before the final rental agreement is concluded. The down payment and, in the case of short-term rentals, the deposit must be paid online as part of the final confirmation.

A deposit of one month’s rent is paid to KURZZEiTmiete and noted in the payment schedule to ensure maximum payment security for both parties. The deposit has to be transferred directly upon completing your booking, except in case of bookings made less than 7 days before the start of the rental period. In this case, the deposit has to be paid online with your credit card (Master or Visa), via Google Pay or Apple Pay. The deposit will be returned to you within 14 days of moving out of your rental flat, provided that your landlord does not inform us of any unpaid rents or damages to the rental object.

Recommendation for both parties: Make a short video of the state of the rental object upon moving in as well as upon moving out. This makes it easier to settle any disputes afterwards.

If you rent your flat less than 7 days before the start of your rental period, you have to pay the deposit together with your down payment online.

Invoicing is done by KURZZEiTmiete. Upon signing your rental contract, you have to pay a down payment. All subsequent payments usually are monthly partial payments. We draw up a payment schedule for every booking, which you can already access on the reservation detail page in your online account before your final confirmation.

The payment schedule states the due date as well as the reason for transfer for every payment. The purpose for transfer is particularly important to make sure that your payment can be correctly allocated. Another advantage of renting with KURZZEiTmiete: Your first rent payment is only transferred to your lessor once you have actually moved in. This is done to protect you from fake rentals.

Yes, although this is not common, you can view your rental object in advance. This is usually done online as lessors are not always present at the location of their rental objects. The terms & conditions of KURZZEiTmiete stipulate that descriptions and images of rental objects have to be precise and up to date, making advance viewings of rental objects largely unnecessary. It’s in our lessors’ interest to provide truthful descriptions of their objects to prevent any subsequent conflicts with tenants.

If you nevertheless wish to view a flat in advance, please state this during your reservation process and include possible dates. The lessor can then extend his response period to arrange a showing. In the meantime, your reservation ensures that no other tenant can book the object.

Alternatively, you can use the “Ask the lessor“ feature on the detail page of your rental object to arrange an appointment to view the flat in advance.

Simply log into your account and use the “Ask the lessor” button on the detail page of the respective rental object. If you are interested in a certain flat, it makes sense to include additional information such as the rental period or number of persons in your request.

Alternatively, you can make a reservation and ask your question during the booking process. This has the advantage that the rental object cannot be booked by other tenants in the meantime.

Go to “Profile – My data and addresses” to find your contact addresses. That’s where you can activate or deactivate the SMS info service.

In keeping with the Austrian registration law, you are obliged to register your place of domicile within three days of moving in. This is also applicable for short-term rentals.

Download registration form

Yes, provided that your rental object is available, you can extend your rental period. Lessors also have the opportunity to grant discounts for longer rental periods in advance. If you would like to extend your rental period, you can do so via the respective button in the original reservation in your account.

By the way: You can also extend your rental period for less than the initial minimum rental period of 29 nights.

Do you have any additional questions? We’re happy to assist you!