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What is meant by short-term rent, living-for-a-time, intermediate stay, short-term living?

These terms apply to the letting of furnished homes for a period from one day to six months. But our enterprise is specialized into rents on a monthly basis.

How and why are limited time rental contracts possible?

According to Austrian law, standard rent contracts by definition have to comprise a minimum of three years. Abiding this, the lessee has the right to give notice, the period of notice being three months.


Terminability under three years is per se null and void and so causes an unlimited contract.

"Kurzzeitmiete" (short-term rent) leans on exceptional ruling (see Austrian MRG, §1 Abs.2.Z.3). Full exception is granted (only) if the limited contract does not surpass the original or prolonged period of half a year; if the rental object is category A or B (see Austrian law) and if the lessee agrees in writing to use the property exclusively for a temporary sojourn caused by employment necessities. This full exception also applies to quarters rented as secondary residence for recreational purposes (see Austrian MRG § 1 Abs. 2 Z 4) The exception further comprises rental objects with no more than two independent apartments (§ 1 Abs. 2 Z 5 MRG).


For property in Germany the party tendering property is aware of the terms of the BGB concerning short term rent (§§ 549 BGB). The German party tendering property rents out only to tenants who don’t want to constitute a centre of their interest there and only need the property for a limited period. This is reflected in the maximum tenancy duration of six months. The property is therefore rent out particularly for labour induced changes of domicile (building and construction works, exhibition attendances etc.)

Can anyone offer their rental objects on kurzzeitmiete.at ?

Any rightful owner/proprietor endued for more than one full month can offer their property on kurzzeitmiete.at.

What are my advantages with kurzzeitmiete.at?

  • Absolute flexibility: You decide how long an object is to be occupied by an interested party. Via the occupancy schedule you can decide for any one time when you will use the object for your own requirements.
  • Protection against "tenancy nomads": With the short rental periods envisaged by our portal our objects are safe against abuse.
  • High return: There is no price regulation for our short-term-living idea (contrary to standard tenancy!), so your return will be higher than average.
  • You save the cost and trouble of advertising and other marketing activities, since we increase your turnover through web-marketing.
  • You get a contract tailored to the special framework of short-term/intermediate time rent.
  • You can manage your property in comfort from your PC: edit prices, add pictures, descriptions, ...
  • Solvency test (to a certain degree) of your prospective tenant: upon closure of contract your prospective tenant will have made a down payment by credit card.

What expenses will I have as a lessor with kurzzeitmiete.at?

Step 1 – NO costs. You can test our management FREE for two weeks. Subsequently you will be asked by e-mail whether you want to activate your standard account.

If you decide for kurzzeitmiete.at, your costs will be as follows:

- A one-time registration fee per lessor (NOT per object!) of € 80,00 + 20 % VAT.

- and an annual service fee of 1.5 %(+ 20% VAT) of the actual net turnover of the year (call date: Dec. 31) .

Example: for a net income of € 10.000,00 generated via our portal kurzzeitmiete.at we'll invoice you for € 150,00 + 20 % VAT. at the end of the year.

These amounts will be used for further web-marketing in order to optimize the advertising effect for the future.

As a lessor, am I confined to contracts with kurzzeitmiete.at?

No, there is no confinement. You can take your objects off-line any time and so stop the offer. Furthermore, you can accept other bookings at any one time, however, you have to edit the occupancy schedule accordingly. Please heed the following logic when up-dating availability of your objects: We assume your object is available, in other words, you input the times when your object is booked, not when it is available.

Can I put my objects online single-handed?

Yes, you can carry out registration and put an object online completely single-handed. You will find detailed instructions in your administration domain for each tab. Upon finalization of your object click the button.

This procedure activates your object and it is made visible for a prospective client.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to further support you via e-mail, telephone, or even in person by appointment.

What is a portfolio contract?

The portfolio contract is tailored to the requirements of short-term rent and gives you and the prospective tenant the necessary legal protection. From the first request of the prospective client the portfolio contract takes effect. This saves you a lot of e-mails and thus is the directest way of request.

How do I learn about a request?

After the tenant has decided for your available object (n.b. The object will only appear on-line if it is available for the desired period), and has registered, you will get an e-mail informing you about the request. This e-mail will contain a link leading you directly to the request. You will see the completely edited portfolio contract containing all necessary data:

  • Name
  • ID
  • Main residence
  • Period
  • Price
  • ...

With one mouseclick you can either confirm or refuse. This will have to happen within 48 hours. Otherwise the system will cancel the reservation automatically and inform the applicant about the failure.

If you confirm the request and thereby accept the legally valid contract, the tenant will get a new message. He/she will have to answer to that within another 48 hours and close the contract through payment of the service fee by credit card.

You will receive the validated portfolio contract by e-mail, including all personal and contact data of the client. The portfolio contract can be viewed and down-loaded at any time via the lessor administration page.

Attention! Upon hand-over of keys the contract has to be signed in person in order to make the rental period legally binding.

Photos and videos

Pictures are essential for presenting an apartment/property. They appeal to the emotional level in a client's decision to buy, and can be ranked Nr 1. So we at kurzzeitmiete.at ask for first-rate quality of pictures. Experience teaches that better pictures sell better contracts!

Make sure to put your property in the right light:

  • Avoid over-exposure choosing the right time of day.
  • Switch on all interior lights.
  • Present a relaxed atmosphere.

The apartment has to be clean, free of personal effects, possibly embellished by flowers. Beds should be made, in bathrooms towels should be visible. The prospective client should get a realistic impression of the apartment, since a physical inspection can rarely be expected, and decisions are made on the basis of your pictures or videos. Do present all rooms with furniture, however, avoid showing items that will not be available to the client. Pictures in horizontal (landscape) format look better on a computer screen, the title photograph should always be in landscape format.

In lessor administration (tab. "Texts") you have the possibility to upload a video via a youtube-link. This app will give the client the chance of an online guided tour. Help is provided in lessor administration. Please heed the same points as quoted for pictures.

What price can I ask for my rental object?

Basically, prices for short-term rent can be estimated between long-term rent and hotel/bed&breakfast accommodation.

There are three important parameters:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Furniture/appliances

When talking about short-term rent we always mean a gross overall inclusive price, including gas, electricity, water, maybe even additional services.

Thus it is necessary to find a nice balance of return and use to capacity, as exaggerated pricing might diminish demand. In the admin grid you can edit as many seasonal prices as you like. The system adopts your parameters and consistently calculates the resulting totals.

If you should consider offering your rental object for a period of less than fifteen days, we ask you to add local taxes to your calculation.(This will apply only in Austria when letting to tourists).

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