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Why should I book via the portal kurzzeitmiete.at?

Your advantages using our portal:

  • Simple search, including search of surrounding areas
  • transparent pricing – with us, there are no hidden costs – already at the search stage you can establish your actual costs for a given period
  • a professionally designed tenancy contract gives you the necessary legal safety

How do I find the ideal short-term quarters via kurzzeitmiete.at?

  • On the starting page, input at least two of the most important parameters for your search:
    • City
    • Duration (thus your total costs will be calculated)
    • In addition, you can already "filter" the kind of quarters you are looking for
  • From this stage, only quarters available for the desired period will be shown (as indicated by lessors).
  • To the left of your search result you can now further detail your search/result
    • Search of surroundings
      • Input your target address (e.g. place of employment) and search the surrounding area.
    • Type of rental object
    • Total price for the desired period
    • Size
    • Show search result on map (you can check your search result on a map to decide on your location)
  • You have found the perfect place! Click on it. This will lead you to a detailed view giving you further information.

How can I rent the target object?

  • When you have decided on your short-term rent quarters, you click on the button "RENT TARGET OBJECT"
  • Before you can close contract, you have to register here
  • Upon completed registration the relevant data will be re-summarized and a tenancy contract will be established with the lessor's data remaining anonymous.
  • Re-check your choice and your personal data. Before clicking the SEND RESERVATION button, please read and acknowledge our GTCs.
  • The lessor will now be informed automatically about your interest via email.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive an answer from the lessor (of course, we hope it will be affirmative for you).
  • Now you have a further 24 hours to confirm the contract and pay the service fee. You will be forwarded to the safe environment of our Payment Service Provider mPAY24 and easily make your payment by credit card.

How do I know an object is available?

Once you have indicated the desired period, only available objects will be advertised (based on the data given by the lessor).

Why do prices at kurzzeitmiete.at look relatively high at first sight?

kurzzeitmiete.at stands for absolute transparency. You don't even have to register to see prices for a given period. Prices will be displayed clearly to the right of your target object. With this procedure we spare you unpleasant surprises before closing contract.

What costs do I have to calculate as a tenant – and from when?

kurzzeitmiete.at shows the total costs at all times (total rent incl. auxiliary costs, service charges, final cleaning). In individual cases lessors charge gas and electricity prices according to consumption, thus preventing all-inclusive prices. In such cases this is indicated in the description of the rental object.

Are there scaled prices with kurzzeitmiete.at?

Yes, we have daily, weekly and monthly prices, so the lowest prices will be achievable for periods exceeding 30 days.

When do costs become due?

Upon handing-over of the keys, a refundable deposit becomes due, which will be repaid at a satisfactory end of the rental period. For reasons of simplification, the fee for final cleaning will be subtracted from this deposit in most cases. The amount of the deposit will be displayed in the detailed description of the rental object. Costs for the final cleaning are already included in the calculation of the total price.

With duration of contract exceeding 30 days, payment is executed in equal instalments, plus a final payment over the remaining dues. These instalments have to be transferred in advance from the move-in date, directly to the lessor. The banking data of the lessor are part of the tenancy contract, which will be submitted in pdf. format.

What means of payment are accepted by kurzzeitmiete.at?

Via our Payment Service Provider mPAY24 we accept payments with Mastercard und VISA.

What is the minimum duration of a contract?

Minimum duration lies with the decision of the lessor. On principle, minimum duration is one day.

Do tenants have to register (with the local authorities)?

Yes, in Austria within three working days. With short-term rent you can only register a secondary residence. There is no possibility of registration as primary residence.

Will local taxes be charged when booking via kuzzeitmiete.at?

Local taxes depend on regional legislation. Taxation will depend on duration and purpose of your stay.

Can I inspect a kurzzeitmiete.at apartment in advance?

Generally, this inspection tour is done online, as the prospective tenant is rarely sur place. If a personal inspection is desired, please contact us here.

It is in the interest of our lessors to edit their descriptions truthfully to avoid later conflicts. Besides, they are subject to our GTCs!

Are all rental objects equipped with internet access?

The majority of apartments have internet access. Please check in detailed descriptions if IA is provided and if/what costs arise.

As an alternative, we recommend your own internet stick.

What is meant by short-term rent, living-for-a-time, intermediate stay, short-term living?

These terms apply to the letting of furnished homes for a period of from one day to six months.

Why do kurzzeitmiete.at use a systemized standard tenancy contract?

On the one hand, the contract is a means of communication up to the closing of contract, on the other hand, you as a tenant, have the safety of a legal contract including all details of your target object.

How and why are limited time rental contracts possible?

According to Austrian law, standard rent contracts by definition have to comprise a minimum of three years. Abiding this, the lessee has the right to give notice, the period of notice being three months.


Terminability under three years is per se null and void and so causes an unlimited contract.


"Kurzzeitmiete" (short-term rent) leans on exceptional ruling (see Austrian MRG, §1 Abs.2.Z.3). Full exception is granted (only) if the limited contract does not surpass the original or prolonged period of half a year; if the rental object is category A or B (see Austrian law) and if the lessee agrees in writing to use the property exclusively for a temporary sojourn caused by employment necessities. This full exception also applies to quarters rented as secondary residence for recreational purposes (see Austrian MRG § 1 Abs. 2 Z 4). The exception further comprises rental objects with no more than two independent apartments (§ 1 Abs. 2 Z 5 MRG).

You have additional questions? Please contact us at office@kurzzeitmiete.at – and we'll be in touch shortly.

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